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Jaws Pro Pinball Machine


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Jaws Pro Pinball Machine

Stern Pinball, Inc. proudly presents their latest pinball marvels featuring JAWS, the timeless cinematic masterpiece from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment. Players will embark on an unprecedented journey through all four blockbuster JAWS films, enriched with innovative mechanical features inspired by iconic movie moments and cutting-edge technology. Available in Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition (LE) models, the JAWS pinball games promise an electrifying experience for enthusiasts.

Transporting players to the fictional setting of Amity Island, nestled off the coast of Long Island, New York, the game captures the essence of this quaint fishing community turned into a cauldron of fear by the lurking menace beneath the waves. As vacationers flock to its scenic beaches for the Fourth of July celebrations, an ominous threat looms beneath the surface as shark attacks escalate, concealed by the island’s mayor to safeguard its tourism revenue.

In Stern’s Jaws Pro Pinball Machine, players assume the roles of Quint, Hooper, and Brody, legendary characters tasked with safeguarding Amity Island’s residents and festivities. As intrepid fishermen, players confront the ocean’s deadliest predators, with tension escalating as animated lighting effects simulate the chilling sight of “blood in the water.” Engage in heart-pounding gameplay by aiming at the motorized “Shark Fin” target and navigating the thrilling “Orca Boat” upper playfield, complete with a captivating array of features including the “Lookout Tower” ramp, ship’s wheel spinner, and a “Radio” stand-up target for assistance. Brace yourself as a motorized custom sculpted “Great White Shark” wreaks havoc, plunging through the hull of a fishing boat to intensify the adrenaline-fueled experience. Will you emerge victorious from the jaws of peril?

Incorporating immersive film footage and audio elements, JAWS features custom speech by actor Richard Dreyfuss and the iconic movie theme by John Williams, elevating the gameplay to cinematic heights.

Commenting on the release, Seth Davis, President & CEO of Stern Pinball, expressed, “In paying homage to one of cinema’s greatest franchises, we’ve equipped JAWS with our most sophisticated software and hardware to date. We’re thrilled to unveil the heart-pounding gameplay of JAWS Pinball to audiences worldwide.”

Beyond its captivating gameplay, JAWS pinball games feature Stern’s acclaimed Insider Connected™ system, facilitating player interaction and engagement on a global scale. Through Insider Connected, players can monitor progress, pursue achievements, embark on special JAWS quests, and vie for lifetime Bounty Hunter ranks.

Additionally, the Limited Edition model, limited to 1,000 units worldwide, offers a treasure trove of exclusive features, including a full-color mirrored backglass inspired by the iconic JAWS movie poster, a reflective foil high-definition cabinet decal showcasing hand-drawn artwork, custom “Great White” powder-coated pinball armor, Speaker Expression Lighting with immersive game effects, designer-autographed bottom arch, exclusive inside art blades, enhanced audio system, anti-reflection pinball playfield glass, shaker motor, sequentially numbered plaque, and a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Stern’s leadership team.