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Elton John Platinum Pinball


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Introducing the magnificent Elton John Platinum Edition Pinball Machine by Jersey Jack!

Available in two versions, Platinum and Collectors, this latest offering from Jersey Jack represents the pinnacle of music-themed pinball machines. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and designed by the legendary Steve Richie, this machine is a true work of art.

Loaded with an array of toys, lights, and captivating features, the Elton John Platinum Edition promises an unparalleled gaming experience. Priced at $12,000 (excluding shipping), this machine is the epitome of luxury and entertainment.

The Platinum Edition features include:

– Dual Layer Acrylic LED Topper, adding a touch of brilliance to your gaming space.
– Platinum Metallic Armor for a sleek and sophisticated look.
– Sparkle RadCals with an Exclusive Art Package by Christopher Franchi, elevating the visual appeal.
– Exclusive Platinum Edition Art Blades, enhancing the machine’s aesthetic.
– Founder Jack Guarnieri Signature Card and Individually Numbered Platinum Edition Plaque, ensuring authenticity and exclusivity.
– Custom Speech by Elton John and 16 Elton John Studio Master Tracks for an immersive experience.
– A range of interactive sculptures and features including the Piano-Playing Interactive Elton John Sculpture, Rocket Sculpture with LED Flames, and more.
– Grand Piano 3-Ball Lock with Diverter for thrilling gameplay.
– Enhanced features such as Wi-Fi Enabled, Bluetooth Audio, Interactive Camera, and Invisiglass, ensuring top-notch performance.

With dimensions of Height: 76.0”, Back Box Width: 29.0”, Cabinet Depth: 52.0”, and Cabinet Width: 22.25”, this pinball machine is a stunning addition to any collection. Add the topper, and the height reaches 87.0”, commanding attention in any gaming room.

Don’t miss your chance to own this extraordinary piece of pinball history. Contact us today to reserve your Elton John Platinum Edition Pinball Machine and experience the magic of Elton John in the comfort of your own home!

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