Operation Pinball is a family owned and operated dealership founded in 2015 by Gregory and Vanessa Yanish who are true pinball fanatics and collectors.  The first pinball we ever owned was a Data East Star Wars that Gregory bought in medical school maxing out his credit card.  Picture the dorm room with only a bed, desk, mini fridge and a pinball machine.  Yup, thats how we started and thats how we roll.  This was the early beginnings of what is now a superb museum quality collection of machines. Even the old Data East machine has since been sent off for HEP (high end) restoration.  We have chosen to become dealers after having many unsatisfactory purchasing experiences ourselves and knew that buying pinball could be done better.  Pinball machines are high end purchases and need to be conducted as such.  We hand transport each and every one of our games to and from the shipping dock personally to minimize possible damage.  Each buyer gets a pre shipping video of the game at the dock to see the game off and document the condition.  We specifically interview and scrutinize each carrier to find the best possible shipping solution.  We do it for the love of pinball, what an amazing opportunity we have!  Feel free to text us and start a relationship, we love our customers!

Operation Pinball is an authorized Stern, Jersey Jack, American Pinball dealer, and ICE dealer in West Des Moines, IA.  Stop by our show room to check out our inventory and take one home today! 

Located at:

5465 Mills Civic Pkwy #270

West Des Moines, IA 50266