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Elvira House of Horrors Premium Edition Pinball Machine


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Elvira House of Horrors Premium Edition Pinball Machine with Insider Connected


Unleash the Campy Horror Fun with Elvira’s House of Horrors Pinball Machine!

Are you ready for a pinball adventure filled with spooky thrills and Elvira’s signature brand of humor? Then step right up to Stern Pinball’s latest creation: Elvira’s House of Horrors! This hauntingly fun game will transport you to a world of B-movie monsters, creepy surprises, and exciting challenges.

Embrace the Campy Chaos:

  • Send shivers down your spine (and laughter to your lips) with classic B-movie horror themes. Encounter a kooky cast of characters straight out of Elvira’s movie past, each with their own unique brand of campy villainy.
  • Become part of the action as you navigate Elvira’s haunted Victorian mansion. Explore hidden passageways, trigger thrilling events, and battle your way through monster-filled rooms. Every twist and turn unveils a new surprise, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Pinball Gameplay with a Bite:

  • Rack up points and unleash multiball mayhem with exciting game modes. Challenge yourself with unique objectives and strategic ball placement to maximize your score. Don’t miss the outrageous “Elvira’s Junk in the Trunk” multiball for a side-splitting twist on classic pinball action.
  • Immerse yourself in the chilling atmosphere with the hauntingly beautiful design. The mansion’s creepy lighting effects, from flickering bulbs to color-changing displays, perfectly complement the iconic red velvet sofa and other instantly recognizable Elvira touches.

Choose Your Level of Haunting:

Stern Pinball offers three exciting editions of Elvira’s House of Horrors, each catering to different budgets and collector desires:

  • Premium Edition: The most affordable option, this edition delivers all the monstrous fun and spooky features you crave.
  • Limited Edition (400 units worldwide): Take your gameplay to the next level with exclusive features like a mirrored backglass, custom-themed cabinet artwork, and a built-in shaker motor that intensifies the thrills and spills.
  • Signature Edition (50 units worldwide): The ultimate collector’s dream, this strictly limited edition boasts hyper-chromed decals for a dazzling effect, a personally autographed Elvira trading card with its own display case, and a piece of the iconic red velvet sofa – a true touch of the Mistress of the Dark’s macabre charm.

Elvira’s House of Horrors Pinball Machine is more than just a game; it’s a gateway to a world of spooky fun, iconic characters, and thrilling pinball action. Whether you’re a seasoned pinball aficionado or a casual gamer looking for a unique entertainment experience, this game is sure to haunt your home in the best way possible.   Price: $10,499

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