Black Knight Pro

Black Knight Pro


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Black Knight – Sword of Rage is classic Steve Ritchie.  It has all the DNA
of the first two Black Knight games – speech, sound & music, classic player operated Magna
Save to prevent the ball draining right, and art by Black Knight artist
Kevin O’Connor.  Black Knight – Sword of Rage’s playfield layout is new yet
derived from earlier Black Knights, providing fast, flowing game play, with
all steel and wire ramps.  Steve has added great ball interactive toys with
the Knight’s flail mech and multifunction shield mech.  He has included
drop targets, spinning target, and vuks.  A retro play mode utilizes
classic rules of the original games and has early pinball numeric score
displayed on the LCD.  Steve has modernized this pinball with the LCD
display that has all original animation, with more Steve speech helped by
Barenaked Ladies’ Ed Robertson, and music by Brendon Small and Anthrax’s
Scott Ian.  Lighting and light shows are bought into the 21st century with
LED’s, many RGB, white and appropriate red GI’s, and backpanel mounted LED
simulated fire burning down the Knight’s castle.